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We work globally and locally:

tradaid In Nepal, we are promoting in cooperation with a local NGO
Project to maintain and expand the local knowledge of medicinal
plants. Its cultivation, use and processing are established by
development and training.
Though communicating and sustainable practices a cultural and
economic independence is possible.

project tour NepalTo learn more about our projects in Nepal, we organize a guided tour to our operational areas. > more informations

tradaid ProjekteIn Mexico we support production and marketing of traditional medicines of Oaxca region. Further projects are currently under preparation.

tradaidA film project in Rajasthan(India) supports the traditional healers, the Gunis. The work of the Gunis in their communities
will be documented for the public. In this way we help the Gunis to be also in future an important part of people`s medical care.

tradaid In Brandenburg, Germany, we offer excursions to Sorbian healers to assist in the Spreewald, where the cultivation of medicinal herbs and knowledge of traditional healing practices in Central Europe.